How do I use layouts

Layouts in UniCam offer a powerful way to customize the viewing experience by grouping various device channels according to user preferences. This feature allows users to create personalized views by combining channels from multiple devices, displayed in either a grid or list format. This guide will walk you through the process of creating, customizing, and managing layouts in the UniCam app.

Creating a New Layout

  1. Initiating Layout Creation:
    • Tap on the plus (+) sign in the UniCam app. This is usually found on the main screen or within the layout management section.
    • Select the option to create a new layout.

      Naming Your Layout:

    • Assign a name to your new layout. Choose a name that easily identifies the purpose or the combination of channels it represents.

      Selecting Channels/Devices:

    • You will be presented with a list of all available channels, devices, or streams.
    • Select the ones you wish to include in your layout. You can choose from various devices or channels, mixing them as needed.

      Saving the Layout:

    • Once you've selected your desired channels and devices, save the layout.

Customizing and Managing Layouts

  1. Editing Layouts:
    • Access the layout you wish to modify.
    • UniCam allows you to rearrange the order of streams or replace channels as needed.

      Grid or List Presentation:

    • Choose how you want your channels to be displayed: in a grid format (useful for a larger number of channels) or a list format (better for fewer channels or for prioritizing specific feeds).

      Updating Layout Names:

    • If needed, you can also update the name of your layout for better organization or clarity.

Advantages of Using Layouts

  • Customized Viewing: Tailor your surveillance feed according to specific needs or preferences.
  • Efficient Monitoring: Group channels in a way that makes monitoring more efficient, especially when dealing with multiple streams.
  • Flexibility: Easily switch between different layouts depending on the situation or requirement.

Tips for Effective Layout Management

  • Purpose-Driven Layouts: Create layouts with specific purposes in mind, like monitoring all entrances, keeping an eye on specific areas, or combining indoor and outdoor feeds.
  • Regular Updates: As your monitoring needs change, update your layouts to reflect these changes.
  • Easy Identification: Use descriptive names for each layout to quickly identify and switch between them.
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